Mystery Art Printing

I was reading a post I wrote some time ago about how Print is not dead. Kids these days are becoming more and more comfortable with touch screens and we may not be far from a time when they don’t remember what paper felt like. Don’t get me wrong – I am not averse technology and the wonderful world of possibilities it offers when it comes to art and design as teaching aids for children. But somehow, nothing amazes a child more than a picture magically appearing on a piece of paper (Try taking a kid in a photography dark room and you’ll see!).

“While graphic designers of our generation work hard to adapt their skills to a digitised future, one of the most important things that they can also do is to make sure they don’t let the generation Y of graphic designers lose the sense of tactility. If we were to give something to our future generation, let’s give them a bit of nostalgia. A shout out to all the graphic design teachers, parents and mentors – Get those kids off the screen and let them get dirty with some inks and let them get a few paper-cuts. And then sit back to see them smile at the work of art they created. Then may be they’ll too have something to be nostalgic about.”



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