9 Real Struggles of a First-time Mom that no one ever talks about

Sunday, May 13, 2018. My first Mother’s Day as mom. This is for all those incredible moms out there, who are a living testimony of super powers they never knew they had. Happy Mother's Day! -- Exactly 9 months ago, today, I pushed a little person out of my vagina. Yes. It was as crude … Continue reading 9 Real Struggles of a First-time Mom that no one ever talks about


Symmetry in design

Humans innately seek symmetry and alignment everywhere. It is visually pleasing and looks..'right'. Our bodies are symmetrical, so are the basic shapes. Asymmetry takes a little getting used to and some conditioning. But still, making symmetrical design is almost mathematical and more complicated and many of us still struggle to create symmetry and alignment. As a … Continue reading Symmetry in design

Shapes and Things

What if the world around you was made out of only basic shapes - circles, triangles and squares? What if the world was really that geometric? It's a thing I used to when I was a kid-look around and spot objects that could be made out of basic shapes. It was an internal conditioning. What's … Continue reading Shapes and Things

On Colour and Emotions

We designers relate emotions to everything including fonts, colours, shapes, people's hand gestures, random daily things lying around the house....basically anything and everything according to us folks, has emotions. But then I came across these amazing creatures called children. And I realised that they are in fact, an exponentially more advanced specie than designers. To … Continue reading On Colour and Emotions

Be creative. Get outta here!

I was always very intrigued by the idea of creativity. And as I dug deeper into it, I came across a million definitions of creativity by great scholars and visionaries. Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Mahatma Gandhi; the 'masters of the modern era', what was common amongst all of them? They believed in possibilities. … Continue reading Be creative. Get outta here!

Responsibilties and disillusionment (thinking aloud!)

'It may be those who do most dream most.' - Stephen Leacock (Ref. 'The art of looking sideways' by Alan Fletcher) The first time I read this quote, I found myself totally confused. Of course, the statement was made by just another human being who could be wrong. But my belief in and admiration for … Continue reading Responsibilties and disillusionment (thinking aloud!)

Is having an ‘ideal’ a bad thing?

A usual characteristic found in growing children is their ability to 'want to be like someone else'. We all grow up following someone else's ideologies and when we think we have a mind of our own, we start facing a total 'identity crisis'. Well that's because when we could have been spending our own childhood … Continue reading Is having an ‘ideal’ a bad thing?