9 Real Struggles of a First-time Mom that no one ever talks about

Sunday, May 13, 2018. My first Mother’s Day as mom. This is for all those incredible moms out there, who are a living testimony of super powers they never knew they had. Happy Mother's Day! -- Exactly 9 months ago, today, I pushed a little person out of my vagina. Yes. It was as crude … Continue reading 9 Real Struggles of a First-time Mom that no one ever talks about


No such thing as reliving the past

I left with a heavy heart, feeling like I am leaving behind a big part of me - something I'll probably never see again. At first, I thought it was my home, my people, my things, my life. I missed it all dearly and hoped that I can relive it all one day. The universe … Continue reading No such thing as reliving the past

Travelogue: Little Memoirs – Morocco (2010)

I recently had a revelation. Similar to a few other instances, I was telling some stories to a friend from my visit to Morocco a few years ago. Just when I was in the middle of the narration, I suddenly realized I actually had to strain my memory to recall the finer details. That's when I … Continue reading Travelogue: Little Memoirs – Morocco (2010)

Symmetry in design

Humans innately seek symmetry and alignment everywhere. It is visually pleasing and looks..'right'. Our bodies are symmetrical, so are the basic shapes. Asymmetry takes a little getting used to and some conditioning. But still, making symmetrical design is almost mathematical and more complicated and many of us still struggle to create symmetry and alignment. As a … Continue reading Symmetry in design

Shapes and Things

What if the world around you was made out of only basic shapes - circles, triangles and squares? What if the world was really that geometric? It's a thing I used to when I was a kid-look around and spot objects that could be made out of basic shapes. It was an internal conditioning. What's … Continue reading Shapes and Things