9 Real Struggles of a First-time Mom that no one ever talks about

Sunday, May 13, 2018. My first Mother’s Day as mom. This is for all those incredible moms out there, who are a living testimony of super powers they never knew they had. Happy Mother's Day! -- Exactly 9 months ago, today, I pushed a little person out of my vagina. Yes. It was as crude … Continue reading 9 Real Struggles of a First-time Mom that no one ever talks about


No such thing as reliving the past

I left with a heavy heart, feeling like I am leaving behind a big part of me - something I'll probably never see again. At first, I thought it was my home, my people, my things, my life. I missed it all dearly and hoped that I can relive it all one day. The universe … Continue reading No such thing as reliving the past

On Colour and Emotions

We designers relate emotions to everything including fonts, colours, shapes, people's hand gestures, random daily things lying around the house....basically anything and everything according to us folks, has emotions. But then I came across these amazing creatures called children. And I realised that they are in fact, an exponentially more advanced specie than designers. To … Continue reading On Colour and Emotions

Where are we headed?

Lately I have been on a movie marathon - trying to get my hands on every piece of cinema that may or may not have made it in the Oscar nominee list for 2014. Mostly, the former. Every one of these movies have stirred some chord in my brain or heart, depending on the genre. … Continue reading Where are we headed?


What do you usually end up doing on a weekend? Go to the park, take off on a road trip, watch movies back to back or quite simply catch up on that extra 15 minutes of sleep you desire every morning from Monday to Friday? I am sure most people will fall in either of … Continue reading PROJECT DIY

The sweet smell of nostalgia and SOBO

As I saw that train approaching, I could feel a trail of sweat trickling down my back. I was headed to South of Mumbai that Mumbaikars very fondly refer to as 'town' or the more recent SOBO (South Bombay). This was one of those spontaneous days when I just sprang from my work desk, picked … Continue reading The sweet smell of nostalgia and SOBO