9 Real Struggles of a First-time Mom that no one ever talks about

Sunday, May 13, 2018. My first Mother’s Day as mom. This is for all those incredible moms out there, who are a living testimony of super powers they never knew they had. Happy Mother's Day! -- Exactly 9 months ago, today, I pushed a little person out of my vagina. Yes. It was as crude … Continue reading 9 Real Struggles of a First-time Mom that no one ever talks about


Where are we headed?

Lately I have been on a movie marathon - trying to get my hands on every piece of cinema that may or may not have made it in the Oscar nominee list for 2014. Mostly, the former. Every one of these movies have stirred some chord in my brain or heart, depending on the genre. … Continue reading Where are we headed?

Print is not dead.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear someone say, “Did you check your mail today?” Most of us at this point are imagining our gmail or yahoo inboxes, right? Some of us, however, might imagine the physical mailbox outside our house, even though that’s a small percentage. Most likely, by … Continue reading Print is not dead.

La nouvelle vie

Consider this. A really interesting story that got you all involved till chapter 28. You are into it. The protagonist is at his all time high, the good life. You can’t wait to move on to Chapter 29 to know what happens to him next. SNAP! The protagonist is in a different setting, with all … Continue reading La nouvelle vie

Never, Never land (Spiti ‘2012)

So here it is. It's kind of a calling. I am convinced. It really just happens when it's meant to happen. It's mysterious, this attraction. It's a conspiracy between space and time. Many mountaineers who think they have seen it all, must come to the Himalayas. I don't think there is anything, ANYTHING, quite like … Continue reading Never, Never land (Spiti ‘2012)


What do you usually end up doing on a weekend? Go to the park, take off on a road trip, watch movies back to back or quite simply catch up on that extra 15 minutes of sleep you desire every morning from Monday to Friday? I am sure most people will fall in either of … Continue reading PROJECT DIY

Matkas, Moodas and Madikeri

A rather rickety bus ride in a loud video coach, the smell of someone’s stomach gone real bad (ughh!) and a tiring day to follow. Not a very exciting way to start a new chapter in one’s life..eh? Through all of this, though, I sat almost smiling, comprehending what was in store for me in … Continue reading Matkas, Moodas and Madikeri