Starting all over again. Again.

My career path has been somewhat irregular. I started as a Junior Designer in a multi national agency back in 2008. It went on for 2 years after which I decided to pursue my Masters degree in London, a city I had never been to. There, along with my thesis, I consulted as a freelance … Continue reading Starting all over again. Again.


My Top 10 Vacation Stays Around the World

There are many factors that contribute to travel and vacation experiences – destination, weather, costs, activities, food etc. But arguably, one of the most important of all is the accommodation you choose that will be your home away from home. Even if its just for 1 night, a good stay simply adds another dimension to … Continue reading My Top 10 Vacation Stays Around the World

A road trip to never forget: New Zealand 2016_South Island

  Both me and my partner-in-crime (husband) are the typical Type A's -- we like to plan things in advance. Life can become too mundane, especially when you are in New York in your 30's. Work and social obligations consume you and whatever time is left of it, you are too tired or unmotivated to … Continue reading A road trip to never forget: New Zealand 2016_South Island

No such thing as reliving the past

I left with a heavy heart, feeling like I am leaving behind a big part of me - something I'll probably never see again. At first, I thought it was my home, my people, my things, my life. I missed it all dearly and hoped that I can relive it all one day. The universe … Continue reading No such thing as reliving the past

Travelogue: Little Memoirs – Morocco (2010)

I recently had a revelation. Similar to a few other instances, I was telling some stories to a friend from my visit to Morocco a few years ago. Just when I was in the middle of the narration, I suddenly realized I actually had to strain my memory to recall the finer details. That's when I … Continue reading Travelogue: Little Memoirs – Morocco (2010)

Designer or writer?

I remember, back in those days, when the only channel on TV was the National Channel playing the daily news. Dad often watched it after work and with him, I caught a glimpse of it too. I was too young to care about the news. But I found the TV anchor very interesting – she … Continue reading Designer or writer?