Mystery Art Printing

I was reading a post I wrote some time ago about how Print is not dead. Kids these days are becoming more and more comfortable with touch screens and we may not be far from a time when they don't remember what paper felt like. Don't get me wrong - I am not averse technology and the … Continue reading Mystery Art Printing


Symmetry in design

Humans innately seek symmetry and alignment everywhere. It is visually pleasing and looks..'right'. Our bodies are symmetrical, so are the basic shapes. Asymmetry takes a little getting used to and some conditioning. But still, making symmetrical design is almost mathematical and more complicated and many of us still struggle to create symmetry and alignment. As a … Continue reading Symmetry in design

Shapes and Things

What if the world around you was made out of only basic shapes - circles, triangles and squares? What if the world was really that geometric? It's a thing I used to when I was a kid-look around and spot objects that could be made out of basic shapes. It was an internal conditioning. What's … Continue reading Shapes and Things

On Colour and Emotions

We designers relate emotions to everything including fonts, colours, shapes, people's hand gestures, random daily things lying around the house....basically anything and everything according to us folks, has emotions. But then I came across these amazing creatures called children. And I realised that they are in fact, an exponentially more advanced specie than designers. To … Continue reading On Colour and Emotions

Where are we headed?

Lately I have been on a movie marathon - trying to get my hands on every piece of cinema that may or may not have made it in the Oscar nominee list for 2014. Mostly, the former. Every one of these movies have stirred some chord in my brain or heart, depending on the genre. … Continue reading Where are we headed?